Yurt Windows

Windows are a nice addition to the yurt, they allow you to see what is going on outside and can help with a cross breeze.

All the windows come with a privacy flap on the outside. The flap can be rolled up and secured with a strap during the day and rolled down and secured with the Velcro on the sides and bottom edges at night or if severe weather comes in.

The same Velcro can be used to fit clear Vinyl to the outside so that you can have the windows open, but not let in the cold or bad weather.

The windows have tough white bug-screen sewn-in which allows air to flow in while keeping the bugs out.

The white bug screen we use for all the windows provides more privacy than black bug screen. The white reflects light more which makes it harder to see in from the outside, but is clear, looking out from the inside.

Round Windows- $140 each
Round windows are 15" in diameter and can be placed anywhere around the wall. Two or three are commonly installed which give you a peek out in any direction.
Very in keeping with the whole "round" ethos, they look just like portholes.

Rectangular Windows- $180 each
Rectangular windows can be installed either vertically or horizontally and like the round widows any number can be sewn into the wall canvas. They provide more light and a bigger view out into the outside.
These 18"x36" windows are very popular with the indoor office yurts and used clear vinyl cloth instead of the bug screen.

Complete 360º Windows- $380
Well not completely 360º but almost! These new windows can really create an airy space in the yurt. The 6" high window runs all the way around the top of the wall canvas and has white bug screen sewn-in. Likewise the privacy flap runs all the way around too which can be rolled down during the day and closed at night.

This is our newest addition to the yurt accessories, so new in fact we don't even have any photos:-)

Door Window - $180
We can also add a rectangular bug screen window to the door canvas. It too has a privacy flap on the outside.


Yurt window open

Yurt Window, flap closed

Rectabgular yurt window

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