Yurt Plans

My plans for the 12ft, 14ft & 16ft Camping Yurts are very detailed and show exactly how to make all the wood parts.
The woodwork is pretty basic, but you will need a table saw to rip the roof poles and wall lattice to size. A router and drill press are very useful and will save you hours of manual labor, but they are not essential.

One tool that is very useful is the tenoner which is like a big pencil sharpener that you attach to a hand drill to cut a dowel on the end of the roof pole. These are expensive to buy, but I can rent you one for $35.

Wood selection is very important as most construction lumber is green, full of knots and may twist or warp when cut to size.  It will be better to go to a mill or more specialist lumber yard and get the best wood you can afford. Fir is very strong, Cedar is very light but more expensive. Hardwoods are nice, but expensive.
Buying wood from Home Depot or Lowes will be cheaper, but you will waste a lot.  If you have to buy form a home improvement store, talk to them about getting "Select Structural" (SS). This is the absolute lowest quality wood I would buy to make a yurt. It is green and will have knots, but it will be better than what is on offer in the store.  It would probably be a special order. Getting good wood is very important as knots weaken the wood and will break easily.

The plans do not include how to sew the canvas as this requires an industrial sewing machine and the skill to operate it.  The plans also do not show how to make the lightweight laminated ring that I manufacture. It requires a sophisticated mold which is completely impractical to build for just one ring, so I show how to build a block ring. A little more traditional, but much heavier and not as attractive as my  laminated ring.
Of all the plans I have sold, only one person decided to sew the canvas themselves, everyone else buys the roof and wall canvas from me and it is for this reason why I don't show how to sew the canvas. Without the right machine it's virtually impossible.

If you get stuck or need advice while building, you can call me with any questions.

The plans are a PDF document and cost $20.
If you buy the ring or canvas from me, they are free (I will refund the plans when you order). You can buy the plans now by using Paypal and download them immediately - you don't have to have a Paypal account, you can also pay with credit cards.

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 Standard Wall Yurt Plans - $20

 The Standard Yurt has a wall height of 54". Select a yurt size.

Plans are in PDF
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Plans are in PDF
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Plans are in PDF
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 High Wall Yurt Plans - $20

 The High Wall Yurt has a wall height of 65". Select a yurt sizel.

Plans are in PDF
Buy 12ft High Wall Plans
Plans are in PDF
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