Yurt Parts

This page lists all the major parts of our yurts. You can buy parts individually or take advantage of the discounted prices on a Completed Yurt, a Full Kit or Basic Kit

Please remember that the larger the yurt will mean an increase in canvas, roof poles and lattice slats, and this is reflected in the price.


Roof Wheel - Tono
The Roof Wheel or Tono is the most integral part of the Yurt. The yurts structural form and strength depends on the Tono. Traditional methods of manufacture are stream bending a single piece of wood to create a "wheel" or made using blocks to create a strong but heavy wheel that often required two supporting poles (Bagana).
Making a Tono is the most difficult and time consuming part of building a yurt.  You can save many hours work by purchasing one of our very elegant Roof Wheels.

Yurt Ring-Tono

We have perfected a laminating technique to create a beautiful Tono that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. Weighing in at just 6.5lbs, we believe it is the lightest and most beautiful Tono on the market.

The 36" diameter Tono is the same used in all 3 yurt sizes except there are more holes for the roof poles the larger yurts. All Tonos are ready to go with pre-drilled holes and sealed & varnished. Available in several wood finishes. The Mahogany is particularly ring beautiful with a rich dark luster.

Tono Size Pine Red Oak Mahogany Cherry
$440 $460 $460
   14ft Yurt  (36" Tono - 34  holes) $370 $450 $470 $470
   16ft Yurt  (36" Tono - 40 holes) $470 $490 $490
   20ft Yurt  (36" Tono - 44 holes) $480 $490 $490


Laminated Ring
Roof Ring

stand on yurt

stand on yurt
Strong enough to stand on!


Lattice wall section

Tension Band
Tension Band and Loop Buckle

pole band
Tension Band inside Pole protection Band

pole end band
Pole End Protection Band

Door frame attached to wall

Yurt Door
Door bolted to wall

Roof Poles - Uni
The roof poles extend outward from the roof wheel down to the top of the wall. Like rays of sunlight emitting from the sun; it is one of the most recognized and beautiful aspects of a Yurt.

The tips of the Roof Pole are tapered to allow natural adjustment in the Tono. The the other end of the roof poles are secured to the top of the wall with a rope loop. The edges are rounded and all poles are varnished.

Our roof poles are made from Douglas fir which is strong and fairly light weight.  Other varieties are also available, Cedar is the lightest wood (almost half the weight of Fir) and Oak or Ash, while very elegant are much heavier.

Yurt Size Fir Cedar Cherry  
   12ft Yurt (28 poles)   $280 N/A $400  
   14ft Yurt (34 poles) $340 N/A $460  
   16ft Yurt (40 poles) $390 N/A $510  
   20ft Yurt (44 poles) $460 N/A $610  


Wall Sections - Khana
The yurt wall comes in two or more sections that are strapped together. The wall sections look like lattice screens you find in garden centers except they are not fixed and can concertina together for easier transportation.
The amazing strength of the wall comes from the many individual slats that cross each other and are tied at the intersections.  The combined strength of all the slats creates a surprisingly rigid and strong structure.

To keep roof poles in place and to stop the wall sections expanding, a tension band is tied around the top of the the wall to keep the diameter correct and the whole structure stable.

The wall slats are made from Douglas Fir. If you are looking for a really lightweight yurt, then cedar is the best option. Oak is very attractive, but much heavier.

The standard wall height is 54". We also sell a high wall lattice which will create a wall height of 65".

Yurt Size Fir Cherry High Wall - Fir 65"
   12ft Yurt  (2 sections)   $390 $460 $690
   14ft Yurt  (2 sections) $450 $440 $750
   16ft Yurt  (2 sections) $546 $640 $850
  20ft Yurt  (2 sections) $648 $780 $990

Tension Band
Without a tension band, the weight and pressure of the roof wheel and poles would push the top of the wall section outward, resulting in the roof collapsing.
The tension band keeps the wall at the correct circumference and provides force in the opposite direction, pushing the roof poles securely into the roof wheel.

It basically stops the roof from "pancaking".

Traditionally the tension band is made from canvas, but can easily be a rope or even a plastic coated cable.  Anything will really do as long as it is strong and keeps the wall from expanding.   Our tension bands are made from heavy duty 1" strap, rated at 3,000 lbs breaking strain.

If buying a canvas from us, you will need to use 1" strap as we use special clips that secure the top of the wall to the tension band (see below).

Tension Band - 1 " strap - $60

Loop Buckles
Loop buckles are the best way to secure the tension band strap and also the strap inside the bottom hem of the roof canvas. This strap tightens the bottom edge of the roof canvas under the roof poles and stops the roof coming off in high winds.

The loop buckles attach over the "X" at the top of the wall and the tension Band/Roof Strap secures in the buckle.

Loop Buckles - $12 each (3 are needed per yurt)

Pole End Protection Band
The pole end band runs all the way around the yurt and covers the ends of the roof poles.  Made from canvas, the band is used to protect the roof canvas from wear on the ends of the roof poles. There are loops on each end which go over the door posts. The band is actually in two halves they are joined in the middle with Velcro and this allows for adjusting the tension,.

Over time, the ends of the roof poles will slowly rub and slowly wear holes in the roof canvas. The band will help protect the canvas and extend its life.
It also enhances the look of the yurt making a crisp edge around the bottom of the roof and prevents the slight canvas sag between poles.

Protection Band - $130

Door Frame - Nars
The door frame ties the 2 wall sections together and creates the entrance. The door frame is designed to come apart for easier packing and transportation. It consists of 4 parts; a threshold, 2 uprights and the lintel (header).

Traditionally the door frame is square, but we have created a more elegant looking doorway, by curving the lintel (top piece) which creates a few more inches of headroom. My wife and I are both tall so that few extra inches makes all the difference going in and out.

The Door Frame is the same size for each Yurt. and the standard frame is made from Fir, but we offer options:

   Straight Door Frame (40"W)    Fir - $240   Cedar - $280

   Horseshoe door  - TBA

Canvas - Roof & Wall
We use untreated 14oz natural cotton canvas for the roof and an 11oz for the wall as they are natural, breathable and doesn't give off gasses and chemical smells like the PVC or plastic yurt covers you see in Campgrounds and State Parks.

Obviously the PVC is far more waterproof than the cotton canvas, but untreated canvas will resist water, but if allowed to sit wet or in damp conditions for longer periods mildew will start to form. The natural canvas can be treated to resist water, but we also offer Sunforger Marine Canvas which is water and mildew resistant canvas. We also stock fire retardant Sunforger canvas.

Our yurts covers are made with natural white (un-dyed) canvas, but other colors are available upon request.  We always suggest light colors as they provide more light penetration which illuminates the interior, and reflects heat to keep the interior cooler.   We also stock lightweight khaki canvas and also a grey poly/cotton also.

  Natural Untreated Canvas
Sunforger Marine Canvas
Water & Mildew Resistant
  Yurt Size
Roof Canvas
Wall Canvas
Roof Canvas
Wall Canvas
   12ft Yurt    $570 $350 $720 $480
   14ft Yurt  $610 $380 $760 $530
   16ft Yurt  $760 $420 $910 $570
  20ft Yurt  $960 $620 $1,110 $770

Please Note:
When buying a canvas from us, it is vitally important that the yurt is made to our specifications and plans, otherwise the canvas will be loose or ill-fitting.

12ft Yurt Canvas

16ft Yurt - lightweight organic khaki canvas


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