Yurts on TV, Movies & Advertising

Yurts have become quite popular in recent years for use in all kinds of print advertising, movies and TV series.
Not only are they beautiful to behold and very photogenic, but they have come to be symbolic of the Green Movement and have that natural, earthy and back-to-nature appeal.

We have been approached by quite a few advertising agencies, and TV & movie production companies that wanted our yurts for their projects. Below are are few of the projects we have been involved with.

Camping Yurts are ideally suited for photo shoots and movie sets as they can be set up and taken down very quickly, but more importantly, can be easily moved around the set when set up with just a few guys to appease even the most demanding director of photography :-)

Yurts on TV
Arrested Development
In late 2012 we supplied a yurt to 20th Century Fox Television for use in Arrested Development - Season 4.
In late 2013 the TV series "Revolution" bought two 16ft khaki yurts for use in the show to air in early 2014.
Yurts in Print Advertising
Honda CRV & Yurts
Three Camping Yurts appeared in the center page spread for Honda's new CRV brochure - shot in Klamath Falls, Oregon
REI, Yurt
In 2011 we did a photo shoot with REI up at Glacier in Washington for their 2011/2012 winter gear catalog.
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