Yurt Groundsheets

Setting up yurts on bare ground is fine for summer camping, but if it rains or if you want to do head out in winter, the biggest problem you may have is water getting under the yurt. A yurt set up on flat ground or with a slight depression, will allow water to run under the side wall. In this instance a waterproof groundsheet is a good idea, especially if you like to lay down rugs etc inside the yurt.

Canvas groundsheets are nice underfoot, but expensive. Ex military canvas is pretty good and well treated.
Reclaimed advertising Vinyl is a cheaper option and completely waterproof. There will be advertising on one side, but the other should be clean.

We sell new Vinyl groundsheets with that fit the yurt exactly or we can supply them with a 4-6" turn-up on the outer edge.
With the turn-up, you can set the yurt on the groundsheet so that the turn-up is on the outside of the lattice wall. When you fit the wall canvas, you sandwich the vinyl between the canvas and the lattice wall which stops water and bugs from entering.

Burning Man Yurt
We recently did a special custom yurt for a customer who wanted a yurt for the Burning Man Festival. The event takes place each year for a couple of weeks on a dry, alkaline lake bed. The wind and dust is a real problem, often whipping up into full blown sand storms. The customer wanted a wind-proof, dust-proof yurt and we were happy to oblige.
We used a groundsheet with a turn-up and then sewed Velcro to both the bottom of the inside wall canvas and the turn-up, which stopped wind and dust from entering under the wall canvas and we did the same between the roof and wall canvas.

Simple Round Groundsheet
12ft-$200 - 14ft-$250 - 16ft-$300 - 20ft-$360
The basic round vinyl groundsheet that reaches to the lattice wall.

Groundsheet with 4-6" turn-up -
12ft-$250 - 14ft-$300 - 16ft-$350 - 20ft-$400
Groundsheet with 4-6" turn-up sewn on the outer edge.

Groundsheet with turn-up & Velcro added -
12ft-$340 - 14ft-$390 - 16ft-$440 - 20ft-$490
Groundsheet with the turn-up and 2" Velcro sewn onto the turn-up. A 2" Velcro strip will also need to be sewn onto the bottom of the wall canvas (extra).


Yurt on Groundsheet

Yurt with Velcro on turn up

Yurt Groundsheet

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