Yurt Doors

Standard Canvas Door
The standard door that comes with the yurt is canvas and is attached to the door frame. It has two zips just inside each of the door posts and the whole door canvas can be unzipped, rolled up and secured to the door header.

Window Door - $180
The option for the standard door is to have a large bug screen window sewn in, which runs the full length and width of the door. Great for creating a cross breeze with windows and a big window too!

Double Doors - Solid Wood - from $240
Two options are available, lightweight portable doors or a heavier semi permenant door. Both are pine, but can be stained darker on request.
Wood doors are not really like house doors, there is no door jam, and has a gap of about 1/4" is between the door and frame and between the doors.

If you would like a door jam to seal the doors when shut, an inner door frame is required and a door jam installed. Please contact me for this option.
For added security I can add lockable door latches to wood doors.

Hobbit Door
I have been working on a Hobbit door for some time now as it would really suit a round yurt! There are a lot of design issues with a round door, but I will have a horseshoe shaped door available very soon now. Contact me for details.


Yurt Doors

Canvas Zip Door

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