Yurt Roof Dome

The Polycarbonate Roof Dome is useful for yurts in a semi-permanent setting - perhaps as an outside bedroom or entertaining space where furnishings must not get wet while the yurt is unattended.
If you are camping in winter, a dome is really a necessity to keep the weather out, but equally as important, to keep the heat in!

At 3ft in diameter the clear yurt dome sits perfectly over the roof ring. It has a foam seal on the underside to stop wind and rain from entering and the whole dome is anchored to the ring with bungie cord and six large hooks that secure the dome to the underside of the ring.

Heat build up can be an issue when the dome is fitted in hot sunshine, it blocks the natural ventilation of the yurt. With the ring open, cool air is drawn in at ground level and the hot air exits through the ring. With the dome installed, it blocks this action.
If it's raining and the yurt starts to heat up, the bungie cord will allow you to push up on the dome and chock it out with blocks, thus allowing hot air to escape while keeping the rain out.

A roof dome is a little large to pack on summer camping trips, it is large and takes up a lot of space. We always take a large umbrella with us when we camp. It will protect us from the odd shower, keep the heat in at night and packs down really small. Just remember to tie it of at night or it may well blow away:-)

I am working on a manual screw window opener which will be better suited to yurts in a semi permanent setting. Contact me for more info on this.

Polycarbonate Roof Dome with fixing kit - $380



Yurt Roof Dome

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