Roof Ring Bug Screen

Where you have standing water, you will also find mosquitoes and all kinds of other bugs. Some areas of the US have such a bad problem that they can ruin a family camping trips and in some areas head nets have to be worn. There is nothing worse at night than having a mosquito or two buzzing around your head, but many people hate the idea of covering themselves with chemical repellents.

For this reason, I created the roof ring bug screen. While the yurt is already pretty tight for keeping out bugs etc, opening the door obviously can let them in, but the huge hole in the roof is somewhat of a bigger issue:-)

Many times while camping, I have found that the bugs don't actually come in during the day, probably because the ring is so high up and the fact there is always an up-draft coming out of the ring - hot air rises out through it, so the air flow stops the bugs coming in. Night time is another issue though, especially if you have lights on.

The bug screen is sandwiched between two thin wooden rims and screwed together. It sits neatly inside yurt's roof ring and rests on the poles sticking through the ring. Made of tough PVC coated vinyl, it is very strong and tear resistant - you can't actually tear it with your hands.

Should the screen get cut, poked/stretched and you need to replace it for any reason, simply remove the screws and fit a new screen.

Roof Ring Bug Screen - $180


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Roof Ring Bug Screen

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