The Basic Yurt Kit
The Basic Yurt Kit is designed for those of you who have some woodworking skills and would like to do most of the work yourself, but lack the specialist equipment to make the hard-to-make parts such as the Roof Wheel (Tono) and Canvas. You will still require a table saw, router and drill press, so if you do not have access to these, perhaps a Full Kit would be a better option.

Roof Wheel (Tono)
The Roof Wheel either needs to be made from one long clear piece of Ash or Oak, steamed in a steam box and then formed around a mould,
or laminate several layers of wood around a mould with a suitable clamping system.  Both methods require a good deal of work and materials to build a mould, clamping system and steam box.

Roof and Wall Canvas
The canvas is the other part of yurt building that requires special equipment in the form of an industrial sewing machine. It is possible to use a basic sewing machine, but because of the thickness of 10-12oz canvas, the machine will have trouble penetrating seams and as the needles are not designed for thick material, you will break many.

It is for the reasons above we sell the Basic Kit.  You get the enjoyment of building most of the yurt yourself without the trials and headaches of trying to make the Roof Wheel and Canvas. We have spent years refining our design and manufacturing methods and you will save many hours of frustration and wasted time buying the difficult parts from us.


Ripping wood

Drill Lattice


Wood Doors


Kit Contents: Tools and Equipment
• Roof wheel
• Roof Canvas - 10oz
• Wall Canvas - 10oz
• Detailed Instructions
• Materials List

• Table saw
• Router or Router Table
• Drill Press & Hand Drill
• Hand Tools: Drill, Jigsaw, Chisels etc

Making the Parts
The three main parts you will need to make are the Roof Poles (Uni), the Wall Lattice (Khana) and the Door Frame (Nars). All of these can be ripped down from 2"x6" lumber if you don't have access to a local saw mill. You will need to drill holes, route the edges and shape the tips of the roof poles.  Full detailed instructions are provided in the kit.

Creating the two wall sections is a simple task of laying out the slats in a crisscross pattern and tying knots at the intersections. You will also need to tie loops to the bottom of the roof poles so they can be secured to the lattice wall.

Parts to Purchase
You will need to purchase rope for tying the wall sections and loops in the roof poles as well as a rope for a tension band. This info and a full material list is provided in the instructions.
The canvas is untreated and has not been waterproofed - if this is something you require, please let us know when ordering.

Yurt line up


12ft Yurt - $1,350.00
    36" Roof Wheel - 28 holes
    Roof Canvas,  Wall Canvas - 10oz untreated

14ft Yurt - $1,500.00 
   36" Roof Wheel - 32 holes
   Roof Canvas,  Wall Canvas - 10oz untreated

16ft Yurt - $1,650.00
   36" Roof Wheel - 40 holes
   Roof Canvas,  Wall Canvas - 10oz untreated

20ft Yurt - $2,250.00
   36" Roof Wheel - 44 holes
   Roof Canvas,  Wall Canvas - 10oz untreated

Included with all yurts
Tension Band - 3,000 lb breaking strain - 1"x52'
3 Loop Buckles - to secure the tension band and roof canvas strap
5 Straps 3/4" - used to connect the wall sections.
Clips to hang wall canvas to tension band.

Accessories - see parts page for more info
• Roof Dome - 38" Clear Polycarbonate dome with fixing kit.
• Umbrella - Clear 42" to cover ring when it rains and at night.
• Windows
• Wood Door
• Zip Door
• Pole End Band - to protect the roof canvas at the ends of the poles -
  extends the life of the roof.
• Fireproof Roof Jack
• Groundsheet


Shipping is charged extra, please contact us as freight shipping varies depending on destination and weight. If you are local, you are more than welcome to pick-up the yurt yourself and we can give you hands on instruction.

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