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Glamping is the new buzz word - Glamorous Camping. Once you have spent time in your yurt, you can't help but want to customize and raise your camping experience. While yurts are always far more luxurious that any tent, there are many of things you can do to make your next camping trip even more comfortable.
We have camped in our yurt for many years and I have tried & tested lots of ideas and inventions. Some of them you can buy and others will give you some ideas of your own.

There is plenty of light in a yurt, especially as the white canvas reflects light so well, but windows are a great addition to see what is going on outside. Perfect for keeping an eye on the kids or a quick morning weather check to see what the day holds.
Two or three windows equally spaced around the yurt make it easy to see in all directions. We have round portholes tall rectangular windows and even 360 windows.... more

The standard canvas door that comes with the yurt is attached to the door frame. It has two zips just inside the door posts and the whole door canvas can be rolled up and secured to the door header.
An addition to the canvas door is a full size bug screen window which allows extra ventilation and a window while keeping bugs out.
We also offer a couple of wood door options and will soon be offering a horseshoe shaped Hobbit door very soon.... more

Groundsheets are handy if wet weather is expected a simple vinyl round piece of reclaimed advertising vinyl is great for this. Treated canvas is nice under foot, but tends to be very expensive. We sell fitted vinyl groundsheets either with or without the turn up.... more

Roof Dome
The Polycarbonate Roof Dome is used for more permanent settings or when bad weather is expected. It keeps warmth in at night and can be raised to allow warm air out while stopping rain from coming in. ... more

Roof Ring Bug Screen
For those of you who camp where there are mosquitoes, then this ring insert is a must for you. As you keep the ring open during the day to allow the warm air to exit, it can allow bugs and mosquitoes into the yurt. The bug screen is designed to fit inside the roof ring allowing warm air to exit while keeping the bugs out.... more

Not what you may think of as being typical yurt equipment, but a great way to cover the roof ring - a great lightweight, smaller and cheaper option to the Polycarbonate Dome ideal for summer camping trips when the odd shower comes through (just remember to tie it off at night if it's windy:-).

Wood Stoves
You can easily extend your camping season, by using a wood stove in your yurt. Not only will it keep you warm, but with the models we will soon be offering, you can cook and even heat water on them.
It's a great addition to the yurt, but care must be taken to keep the stove and pipe away from the canvas and always use a spark arrestor... more

Canvas Treatment, Cleaning & Care Products
To help preserve your yurt, we have selected a few products to help clean, remove stains, waterproof and seal the seams... more

I designed and built my own yurt trailer for a variety of reasons. I wanted to carry the yurt, plus all the associated paraphernalia that having a family entails. Any old trailer would do for this, but I also wanted a type of Chuck Wagon to cook from and have a large table surface. I hope to offer my design for sale very soon or at least some plans so you can make your own... more

A good bed is worth it's weight in gold as far as my wife is concerned. We slept on the ground for several years, but as that grew old and the kids invaded, we splashed out on a queen sized collapsible frame bed with an inflatable mattress.
It was great for a year or too, be we have since moved on to the luxury cots that Cabelas sell. Tight canvas on a metal frame, they take up a lot more room than the single queen bed, but well worth the extra money. I probably get the best night's sleep ever on these beds, so they come highly reccommended
We find that inflatable mattresses tend to go down at night and you both end up rolling to the middle. That said, we recently styayed at a friends house on an inflateable bed from Costco. It was a very good bed, had a built in inflator (110v) that was very quick and it stayed inflatedall night.

After a few camping trips you realize how shelves become rather essential keeping things handy rather than continually rummaging though bags on the floor.  Shelves are great for cell phones, flashlights, books, radios, glasses and the kids night time drinks; all within arms reach right next to the bed

Eco Kettle
The Eco Kettle is a wonderful stove to boil water with just twigs, leaves or even just paper. ... more


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