Yurt Tree Houses

Tree houses were a big part of my youth and although that was many years ago now, tree houses still have a mystical hold over me. Perhaps it's just fond memories of a free an innocent childhood, but to me they just go together.

For me, there is an inexplicable link between yurts and tree houses and for a long time while building yurts, I have wanted to put a yurt up in a tree. It seems such a natural combination to have a yurt surround and shaded by a tree with the trunk coming through the floor and out of the roof ring.

The major obstacle in putting a yurt in a tree is not the deck on which to put it, but how do you get the roof ring around the tree trunk!
I have put some thought into this and have adapted my lightweight ring design to open out so it can be placed around the trunk and then secured together again. All you have to do then it set up the yurt.

I am not a tree house builder and I do not know what the best practices or methods to secure structures to trees. The important aspect is not to injure the tree and create as little damage to the tree as possible. It's long term health is vital.

For this reason I have partnered with TreeTop Builders to help with my desire to see yurts as tree houses.
Tree Top Builders are professional treehouse builders that provide custom design & build services, attachment hardware and workshops for those wishing to build tree houses.

A Treehouse Yurt, apart from being a a fantastic idea would also be an ideal solution to a more budget restricted project. All that would be required is a simple square or octagonal deck with a hand rail on which to place the yurt.
The yurt could be could even be set up temporarily for the summer months and easily be taken down for storage or even to take on family vacations. As with all my yurts, they are easy and quick to set up and take down.

So if you have a similar desire for a yurt, checkout

Treehouse Yurt

Yurt Tree house platform

Treehouse YUrt Tree house platform
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