Stove Accessories

Kni-co offer a good selection of accessories and parts for their stoves.  Order the stove in a package and you will get some great discounts. 

If you already have a stove and want to "accessorize" it, the accessories below are available for all the stoves except the Packer Junior where the Water Tank, Side Table and Stack Robber are not available. 

Please contact us for shipping prices.

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Stove Pipes
The stove pipes are uniquely tapered which allows the pipes to pack down and fit into each other. This enables all the stove pipe sections to nest together and only take up the space of one pipe section - a great space saver for transporting.

Pricing: Prices vary on size and length - please contact us

Stove Pipes
Stove Pipe sections

Stove Pipe Damper (in pipe section)
The Damper is fitted between the stove and the first pipe section. It slows the heat flow exiting the stove and allows for more control and slower burning.

Prices:   3" Pipe - $12.56     4" Pipe - $14.36     5" Pipe - $16.16

Stove Damper
Stove Pipe Damper

Stove Pipe Stack Robber
The Stack Robber works as a heat exchanger in the stove pipe to take exhaust heat going up the stove pipe and transfer it into the tent. It also acts as a spark arrester.

Prices:  4" Pipe - $44.96     5" Pipe - $45.86     5" Pipe - $45.86

Stack Robber
Stove Pipe Stack Robber
Stove Pipe Spark Arrester
The Spark Arrestor sits at the top of the stove pipe to stop hot embers from exiting the pipe and burning your canvas or worse, causing a fire in the surrounding area.  Many State Parks recreation areas and camp grounds and have strict spark arrester requirements for stoves. The  arrestor also has a handy rain and snow cover.

Prices: 2"- $10.76,  3"- $11.66,   4"- $15  5"- $17,   6"- $18

Spark Arrester
Spark Arrester
Side Table
The side table is a great addition to the stove for creating more space. It can be fitted to both sides, even when the water tank is installed.  The table is used for warming and keeping the stove top surface clear while cooking.

Prices: Alaskan Junior - $16.16,    All others - $17.96

Stove Table
Stove Side Table

Hot Water Tank - Stainless Steel
The Hot Water Tank will fit on either side of the stove and will keep the water hot for as long as there is a fire in the stove. It holds about 2 gallons of water and made from 20 gauge stainless steel.

Price: $66.56



Hot water tank
Hot Water Tank
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