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Camping yurts are lightweight, portable shelters, ideal for family camping, vacations, temporary accommodation, special events, or even weddings. They are very spacious with lots of headroom, yet pack-down small and can be easily loaded on a car roof.

Buying a Yurt is an investment in both beauty and practicality. No camping shelter is more attractive and utilizes space as efficiently as a Yurt. Our yurts are natural products made from local woods and organic cotton canvas.

Unlike the permanent yurts you now see in many State Parks and campgrounds, yurts were originally created by the mongolians hundreds of years ago. Our Yurts are more traditional in the sense they are easily transportable - they are specially designed for camping. Weighing in at about 120lbs (12ft yurt) they easily fit on most car roof racks! They are lightweight, portable, simple to set up and easy to take down. As you will see from the video below.

Our yurts can be used for year-round camping. You stay cool in the summer, by raising the bottom of the wall canvas, which draws-in cool air and the warm air rises and exits through the roof wheel in the center.
You can keep snug and warm in winter by simply adding a wood stove - perfect for those winter hunting trips. Our yurts are not designed for permenant living, but for camping, temprary accommodation in the back yard, workshops, quiet spaces etc. etc.  Many States are now requireing planning permission for yurts, but as these are camping yurts and truly temporary, they are exempt. (Check with local laws though).

Yurts and Gers have been used for thousands of years by Mongolians and other eastern natio, nbecause they are spacious , lightweight and very portable. Due to the financial crises and economic downturn, people are now using yurts as cheap alternative housing.

We sell our yurts either complete or in various kits. They come in different sizes (8ft, 12ft, 14ft & 16ft) and with a variety of natural cotton canvas: heavy duty 14oz  & 12oz or lightweight 10oz. We also stock natural colored Marine Canvas that is water and mildew resitsant, and fire retardant. We even have organic cotton canvas.
yurt at Santa Barbara Earth Day    yurt at Santa Barbara Earth Day    yurt at Santa Barbara Earth Day
Yurt by lake panorama
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