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The Eco Kettle  - $76.00

Boil water in minutes with leaves, twigs, dry grass and even paper!

The Eco Kettle is a unique stove that doesn't require propane, gas or solid fuel to heat water. Why carry hazardous and flammable fuels when natural renewable fuel are available wherever you go?

The kettle is basically a water jacket that surrounds a central funnel (chimney). When a fire is lit in the removable base, air is drawn in through a vent hole in the base and the flames rise up the center heating the water. The funnel acts like a chimney drawing in more air and very quickly the fire is raging with the tips of the flames coming out the top of the kettle. Because of the intense heat, the water is boiled in just a few minutes.

Perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, boating, emergency preparedness, and water purification. It is a must have item if you go hiking or camping with freeze dried food such as  Mountain House or AlpineAire.


Eco Kettle

How the Eco Kettle Works Eco Kettle Cutaway Illustration
Put Twigs and paper in base

Prepare , paper, twigs and leaves in the removable base.

Point the hole in the base into the wind.

Add water to kettle

Fill kettle's water jacket with water and place on the base.

DO NOT put the cork in as pressure can build up. This is for keeping the water warm after boiling.

Light paper and twigs

Light the paper and twigs in the base.

Very quickly the fire will start and you will have flames coming up the center of the chimney.

Add more twigs to fuel fire

The fire burns hot and quickly. Have extra twigs on hand to fuel the fire.
When boiling use the handle and chain to pour water.

Price - $72.00
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