Canvas Cleaners & Protection
IOSSO Cleaner, sealer and water repellant are the industry standard for use on marine canvas and covers. We recommend the Iosso range of products for our Yurt canvas.  Their products will not discolor or affect the canvas.  For more information, please check the manufactures website.
Seam Seaker 4oz

IOSSO - Seam Sealer
Seam sealer helps prevent the seams from leaking. Best for use on cotton and cotton blends, but also polyester and synthetic woven fabrics. It will not change the look or feel of the fabric. Ideal for the roof seams.

4oz Dabber: $7.89

1 Gallon: $41


IOSSO - Mold, Mildew & Stain Remover
Color & Fabric Safe! Removes mold, mildew, algae stain, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, grease and oil, some food and drink stains, blood stains and more. It is non-chlorine, biodegradable and has no harmful vapors.

12oz makes 3 gallons (450sq-ft) : $14.65        

65oz (16.25 gallons/3,000sq-ft) : $73.45

IOSSO - Water Repellent
Effective on all fabrics. It protects from water, soil, oil, bird droppings, and environmental pollutants. Formula is non-solvent, and non-silicon.

1 Gallon covers (150sq-ft) : $35        

32oz makes 2 gallons (300sq-ft): $61

1 Gallon makes 5 gallons (600sq-ft): $124



IOSSO - Clean & Protect Kit
This kit contains one12oz jar of Iosso Mold & Mildew Stain Remover and one 320z bottle of Iosso Water Repellent Concentrate.

Both products clean and repel water without harming color or fabric. There is enough solution to clean and protect up to 3000 sq-ft of canvas.

Kit  (300sq-ft): $69.95

Canvas Repair
Accidents happen as do tears to the yurt canvas.  As advertised on TV, Tear Mender is one of the best solutions to repairing your yurt without using unsightly patches. For more information, please check the manufactures website.
Tear Mender

Tear Mender
Tear Mender is ideally, suited for long lasting and permanent repairs to canvas, both indoor and out.
Tear Mender is waterproof, flexible, quick-drying, UV resistant, eco-friendly, non-toxic and acid free.

2oz tube: $11.00

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