Buying a Yurt

There are many options when buying one of our camping yurts. We realize that most of our customers have different requirements, so we try to cater to everyone by offering many options and selling yurts at all stages of completion.

Many people just want to buy the yurt and get out there and camp. Others like to save a little by buying a kit, and some prefer to do a little woodwork and build the yurt themselves. 

Generally there are 4 main categories to buying one of our yurts:

All our camping yurts are hand crafted in Summer Lake, Oregon, USA.  The roof poles and wall lattice are made using Douglas Fir as it is strong and durable.
An alternative to Fir is Cedar; one of the strongest woods for it's weight, so if it's a lightweight yurt you are after, Cedar is ideal.  We also offer Ash and Oak as attractive alternatives, but these woods are much heavier, almost twice as heavy as Cedar. We also build with other wood varieties and you will find the different options and prices throughout this website.  If you have a special request, we try to accommodate everyone.

The roof wheel can also be made with different wood species. The standard wheel is made with Pine, but we also offer Oak, Cherry, and Walnut.

All wood except the roof wheel is sealed with oil to preserve and enhance the grain's natural beauty. The roof ring is coated with several protective layers of clear epoxy to provide added strength and keep keep moisture & the elements out.  A cared for yurt roof wheel will last a lifetime. 

We use light khaki untreated 12oz organic cotton canvas for the roof & wall, and we can provide different colors on request. We recommend only light colors as this allows more light penetration in the yurt and will reflect more heat in direct sunlight.

If you have a custom design or require some special options , please contact us.



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