Build a Yurt

Many of you out there have the desire and necessary skills to build your own Yurt.  You may have all the tools, equipment and ability, but lack the knowledge of how to do it. You can spend hours or even days figuring things out and this is why we created detailed plans and instructions - so you can spend your time building and not being frustrated trying to work it all out.

Ripping wood
Ripping the wall slats from a 2x6

Drill holes
Drilling holes in the wall lattice-10 at a tme


Tools and Equipment Required:

  • Table saw for ripping roof poles, the lattice wall and door frame.
  • Router table or router for rounding roof pole and door frame edges.
  • Drill press (not a hand drill) for drilling holes in the wall stats.
  • Hand Tools: Hand Drill, Jigsaw, Chisels, Files etc.
    Specialized Equipment
  • A steam box for bending the roof wheel wood (this can be made).
  • Propane burner and water container to make steam .
  • A mould, around which you will bend the steamed wood.
  • Industrial sewing machine to sew canvas.

The Yurt is comprised of 5 basic parts: Roof Wheel, Roof Poles, Wall, Door Frame and Canvas. While most of the woodwork is fairly simple (if you have the necessary tools and equipment) the roof wheel and canvas are the most difficult and time consuming to create. It is for this reason we created The Basic Kit which includes the hard to make parts, but leaves plenty of work for you to do..
Buying the Roof Wheel and Canvas from us eliminates the need for building a steam box, a roof wheel mold, and buying an industrial sewing machine.

For more information about building your own yurt, have a look at the Yurt Plans and Yurt Parts and if your questions are not answered there, drop me an email or give me a call.

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