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Camping yurts are lightweight, portable shelters, ideal for family camping, vacations, temporary accommodation, special events, or even weddings. They are very spacious with lots of headroom, yet pack-down small and can be easily loaded on a car roof. Our Yurts are an investment in both beauty and practicality, no camping shelter is more attractive and utilizes space as efficiently as a Yurt.

Yurts were originally created by the Mongolians hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Unlike the permanent yurts you now see in many State Parks and campgrounds, our Yurts are more traditional in the sense they are lightweight and portable. They are specially designed for camping, weighing in at about 120lbs (12ft yurt) and are very, simple to set up and take down - as you will see from the video further down the page. nominated for "The Blades" eCommerce award

We are very pleased to announce that this website has been nominated for "The Blades eCommerce Awards" in the "Most Compelling Story" category.

Held each year in March at the San Diego, MivaCon eCommerce Conference. We will of course be going and as one of the 4 finalists, we hope to do well.

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Camping Yurts used in the movies, TV and print media

Revolution TV show

Being an icon for the green and back to nature movements, yurts are appearing more and more in movies, TV and print media.
Our Camping Yurts have been used in various TV shows such as Arrested Development & Revolution and Print ads for Honda and REI. Have a look at our "Yurts in the Media" page.

If you are a production company or ad agency looking for yurts, we can accommodate just about anything you may need.

Office Yurts - A whole new idea!
office yurts, a high tech company in San Francisco approached us to create some custom 12ft office yurtsto be used as informal meeting/work rooms.
Made in Cherry wood, they have higher walls (65") four slim vertical windows per yurt and double wood doors.

The "office yurt" was a first for and since making these for Meraki we have qalso done one for Whole Foods. I can't think of a better space to have a meeting on low comfortable couches inside a yurt.

Our yurts are already being used for booth stands at shows and expos etc, but this is a great new idea.

Richard Waters interviewed at the Medford Green Show
Follow up interview at FaerieWorlds Music Festival 2013

Our yurts can be used for year-round camping. You stay cool in the summer, by raising the bottom of the wall canvas, which draws-in cool air and the warm air rises and exits through the roof wheel in the center.
You can keep snug and warm in winter by simply adding a wood stove - perfect for those winter hunting trips. Our yurts are not designed for permanent living, but for camping, temporary accommodation in the back yard, workshops, quiet spaces etc. etc.  Many States are now requiring planning permission for yurts, but as these are camping yurts and truly temporary, they are exempt. (Check with local laws though).

Yurts and Gers have been used for thousands of years by Mongolians and other eastern nation, because they are spacious , lightweight and very portable. Due to the financial crises and economic downturn, people are now using yurts as cheap alternative housing.

We sell our yurts either complete or in various kits. They come in different sizes (8ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 20ft & custom 24ft) and with a variety of natural cotton canvas: heavy duty 14oz  & 12oz or lightweight 10oz. We also stock Sunforger Marine Canvas that is water and mildew resistant. We even have organic cotton canvas.
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